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elcome to Ryder Antiques, dealer of Swedish antiques, Swedish Folk Art, Norwegian Folk Art, Scandinavian Folk Art, French antiques,  painted furniture and decorative artwork. We also carry Canadian Folk art, Dutch Folk Art, German Folk Art, and French Folk Art. We can be reached at (905) 639-4407 or you can email us at  lloydryder@gmail.com.


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AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE AMERICAN ANTIQUE DEALER/COLLECTOR. I sold an item last week to an American collector for $1000.00 CDN.I gave him a discount of 15% bringing the cost to him of $850.00 CDN.,however, I told him to pay me in Canadian funds which he did.His $850.00 CDN. cost him around $650.00 US Funds.

About a year ago the Canadian dollar was at or slightly higher than the American dollar, however things change. The American economy is stronger and as well, Canada being an “oil” exporter, we are at the mercy of the oil price slide. Our Canadian dollar dropped, so,think about takeing advantage of this foreign exchange opportunity and also, we have been known to haggle sometimes 15 to 20%. Our prices are the same as they were a year ago.

Ryderantiques image       We have currently added some recent purchases to our website. You will find our inventory very interesting, mainly, Swedish, French and a little Italian. 19th, 18th and 17th century with emphasis on the  Empire period.

Thank You.

Lloyd Ryder

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