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Firstly, I do not own this carving,secondly, I hope the person that does will not take offense with me for sharing it with you. It is an outstanding piece of work. Saint Anne, as you are likely aware, was the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus.The carving portrays the three equally as to quality of the carving and presentation. A number of things taken collectively combine to make this carving a truly beautiful piece of religious art. They are: -How often do you find religious carvings intact, they usually are lacking arms,hands etc.-How often do you find the poly-chrome/gilding intact.This carving has at least 95% .-The actual carving of the subject is also very important.Here, I would rate the workmanship as being exceptional. -I tend to like antiques to be big.This carving is 110cm( 44in) tall,therefore, it really makes its present known.-It has a good early age,ca 1520 (from Southern Germany).This was sold at auction in Paris, France for 28,000 euro($39,000.00) in 2012 and if you add the premium you are likely looking at over 40,000euro( $55,000.00 plus). As a final note, keep looking at pieces like this carving,what it will do is “improve your eye”.Thank you.





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