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:: A little background ::

I have been involved in the antiques business for over 40 years. The first thing that comes to mind when I consider what got me interested in the business was a 19th. century lap desk that I spied, abandoned in a garbage bin. I spoke with a dealer who valued the desk at about thirty five dollars and upon closer inspection we found a hidden drawer which contained a birth announcement, a lock of hair and document identifying the contents’ owner as a Millwright from England. It was dated mid 19th. century. I wish they had put stamps in there!

Over the years I have collected in a number of areas, these include Quebec furniture, American art glass (Tiffany, Steuben), French cameo glass (Daum, Galle), toys (Lehman), botanicals (Wyman), Folk art, western Canadian furniture (Mennonite, Dukhobor), art paintings (Morrissau, Shilling), and now Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German,French and some American folk art and painted furniture.

To be a collector in Canada is difficult as there is little material left that is not in private collections or has been sold to the U.S. Now that I am retired from my job as an Investment Advisor, I am able to devote my time and energy to the amelioration of my collection and in pursuit of further treasures. I am now a treasure hunter and an antique dealer.