808.French Prisoner of War Straw Box


808. French prisoner of war straw box ca.1820. As the French were imprisoned by
the English during the Napoleonic 19th century war it is understandable that
food was very scarce. Soldiers with artistic talent made a number of artifacts
out of straw and mostly bone and in turn, would sell them to the local people.
This enabled them to buy food and other items. The item that was most sought after by
buyers were the ship models of the period.
This is a desirable box as it is in exceptional condition. The box needs a good cleaning
by a restorer as there is a fair amount of grime. Size: H.6.7in., W.12.2 in., D. 8.7in.
( 17cm by 31cm by 22cm.).

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Dimensions 22 × 31 × 17 cm

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