Notable Pieces

  • Swedish rococo table with original paint of orange trim and a blue body with a rustic top.

    Swedish Rococo Table

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  • 29. Northern Italian Commode

    Northern Italian Commode

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  • Flemish Tapestry Fragment

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  • Italian Painted Pedestals

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  • Spanish Bracket Shelf

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  • Swedish tall case clock, ca. 1800

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  • German Buffet 16th / 17th. Century

    German Buffet 16th to 17th. Century

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Exclusive Pieces

When we started in the antique business we decided that certain
items should be separated, as they stood out not only in value,
and rarity but also in quality. You could not put an 18th century French
commode next to a hooked rug. It downgrades the commode.
When I look at someone else’s site I look for their quality pieces and if
I don’t see any, I move on. I do admit that there are
other websites that I admire, that I frequent daily.
Our Exclusive section comprises Swedish antiques, French
antiques, Italian antiques, an exceptional buffet from south
Germany, carvings and military items. It would be hard for me
to choose one of our Exclusive pieces over the rest.
Another important aspect of an antique is its condition. In the days gone by, one would accept a necessary restoration of 10% but today that rate is higher. When you get into restoring damage to 16th. 17th. 18th. century pieces, it is acceptable for example, religious carvings it is not uncommon to find a hand or arm missing. However, a perfect piece would command a higher price.
Enjoy what we have to offer and don’t forget to click on the photo
for more detailed information. Thank you.