Napoleon and Wellington at Waterloo


Tole tray showing the Duke of Wellington preparing to attack the French. I would
assume this to be the battle at Waterloo in 1815 where the British and Prusians stood
against Napoleon. Napoleon decided to attack the Prusians first as they had not
arrived to the battle field and he wanted to fight them seperatly. The Prusians, after
being beaten retreated. At the same time the British where haveing a tough time containing
Napoleon until the Prusians with their remaining force made a turnaround and rejioned
Wellington. The British and The Prusians where succesful forcing the French to vacate
the field.
Who the person in black is I don’t know. I will leave that up to your imagination.
I would think age would put the tray near the end of the
19th. century. Size: 20 by 25 in.approx. The condition is good but it is a dark painting
and needs light to bring out the colors. Came from a dealers inventory in the Netherlands.
More inclined to say it is English. (excuse the spelling errors).

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