Napoleon on Guard Duty


Diorama of Napoleon standing on guard while soldier sleeps. Napoleon and the sleeping sentry was to demonstrate
the great man’s humility and why his soldiers were so loyal. Inspecting the guards one night, Napoleon
discovered one asleep, a crime punishable by death. Saying nothing, Napoleon took the sentry’s rifle and kept
watch all night. When the sentry awoke the General quietly chastised him, guaranteeing the soldiers lifelong
The frame suggests to me it is original and from the Victorian period which makes it ca.1850. Condition is very
good considering its age. The composition of the scenes and figures is of a light material this could suggest
a French prisoner of war artifact.
The color of the photograph has been enlightened a bit. A wonderful piece of international folk art that has a
good subject, history, and providence. Size: L. 14 1/2in. W. 12 1/2 in, H. 3 in ( 37cm by 32 cm by 7 1/2 cm )

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