Wax Portrait Marie De Medici


Wax portrait of Marie De Medici (1575-1642). Signed C. Dupre. Waxed
portrait based on the coin design ( Marie De Medici was Queen of France
and Navarre and the second wife of King Henry the IV of France of the
house of Bourbon and Regent of the Kingdom of France officially between
1610 and 1617 during the minority of her son, Louis X111 of France. Her
mandate as Regent legally expired 1614, when her son reached the age of
majority, she refused to resign and continued as Regent until she
was removed by a coup in 1617. Afterwards she continued her antics and
became a major thorn in her son’s life. Size: frame included: 8 3/4 by 8 3/4 in.
Color has been enhanced slightly. Writing on the back but not readable.
Condition is excellent.

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