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I added this item to my blog because I feel it is an exceptional piece of folk art. 19th century English Stage Coach with four horses and figures.
Coach door inscribed "Herford, Worchester, London". Wood carved as well as the base. Before the train made its appearance Stage Coach was
the only means of travel. It would take days with pit stops along the way to change horses and rest the passengers. The full paying customers sat
in the inside and the half paying travellers sat on top. The man at the back of the coach with the horn was to guard the mail and to blow his horn
to warn the pay toll attandents that the mail coach was coming and to raise the gates. This mode of travel was outdated around 1850 due to the locamotive.
Size: L.25 1/2 by H. 12/14 By W. 7 1/2 in.