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Some light at the end of the tunnel for the antiques industry.

Image of an antique painted Mora clock surrounded by decorative antiques

   I recently listened to a three person panel about “what is going to happen after the Pandemic”. Things will certainly be different. For example I just spent two hours at the hospital, minor, and it is very possible we won’t be doing this anymore. It is suggested instead it will take about 10 or 15 minutes as it will all be done online. The above panel used a word “reinvent” meaning you will have to come up with ideas on how you are going to sell your services/products. Actually, it is being done right now and very successfully. Antique auctions are starting to use online sales instead of live sales which means we will be able to sip our coffee and bid from our homes.

 Antique shows will and are doing that right now. Recently, the Antique Dealers Association of America had an online show and it was very successful. Within a few minutes of the show opening they had 400 people ready to begin to shop. A large majority of the people were first time buyers and from as far away as Italy.

Although antique dealers will have to do some reinventing, we have already been doing it for some time by way of our web sites, Facebook pages ,Pinerest, Instgram etc.

Well there you are, up to date and in most cases, ahead of the crowd.

 For we have been adding recent items to our site and every thing is quoted  in Canadian funds. You American collectors have an advantage because of the foreign exchange. Thank you.

Lloyd and Craig Ryder, May 9th, 2020.