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Featured Item May 2013

Every so often we come across a piece of furniture, glass, Mora clock or decorative item that we feel stands out above and beyond our already eclectic selection of interesting things. In the past we have quietly changed our sidebar image to showcase these items, pieces that you, our readers, might miss in the depths of our inventory section.
While it may not be every month, we will now endeavour to post a quick note on these pieces in our order to further highlight items we feel deserve to be on our front page. These pieces appear on the right-hand sidebar under ‘Featured Piece’
Our current “featured piece” is a carved wood gold decorated Swedish wall clock, it is signed “Hans Wesemann, Stockholm” He was active between 1787-1805. Height 32in.,Width 20in.,Depth 4in.(80cm by 50cm by 11cm).Other than normal wear this clock is in very good condition. While these clocks were made up into the 20th century the fact that this clock is signed substantiates its age. The clock is reasonably priced at $4200.00. Pendulum, key and cleaning are included. One detail the image does not do justice to is the size of the clock, being almost three feet high and two feet wide, it is very substantial and guaranteed to draw the eye. Certainly not your mundane wall clock by any means.